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The following is the list of minisymposia confirmed so far, ordered alphabetically according to their titles.

Kai Schneider
Adaptive discretization methods for PDEs using Cartesian grids(details)
Pedro Morin
Adaptivity in numerical PDE(details)
Michael Neilan
Francisco J. Sayas
Advances in Finite and Boundary Elements(details)
Norbert Heuer
Advances in least-squares and Galerkin methods(details)
Alfredo Bermúdez
Rodolfo Rodríguez
Computational Electromagnetism(details)
Ricardo Ruiz-Baier
Simone Scacchi
Computational cardiac biomechanics(details)
Marco Discacciati
Ricardo Oyarzúa
Discretization and solution techniques for the coupling of fluid flows with porous media(details)
Pep Mulet
High Order Methods for Hyperbolic Systems of PDE(details)
Nilima Nigam
High accuracy methods for eigenvalue problems(details)
Eleuterio Toro
Non-Linear Numerical Methods for Evolutionary PDEs(details)
Stefan Diehl
Ingmar Nopens
Numerical Methods for Water Resources(details)
Johnny Guzmán
Marcus Sarkis
Numerical methods for interface problems(details)
Harbir Antil
Enrique Otárola
Abner Salgado
Numerical methods for non-local problems(details)
Bernardo Cockburn
Jay Gopalakrishnan
Manuel Solano
Recent advances in discontinuous Galerkin methods(details)
Giacomo Albi
Dante Kalise
Francisco Silva
Recent developments in numerical methods for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations and multi-agent systems(details)
Leonardo Figueroa
Session of Communications(details)
Steve Ruuth
Time integration of partial differential equations(details)

Minisymposia Details


Organized by Kai Schneider
(speaker underlined)
Ralf Deiterding
Margarete Oliveira Domingues
Kai Schneider
Application of multiresolution smoothness detection in the block-based adaptive mesh refinement method: Preliminary results ABSTRACT
Philippe Devloo
Cristiane Faria
Agnaldo Farias
Sonia Gomes
Abimael Loula
Continuous, mixed and primal hybrid finite element methods for elliptic problems with hp-adaptivity: Numerical comparative studies ABSTRACT
Marie Farge
Romain Nguyen van yen
Rodrigo M. Pereira
Kai Schneider
Dissipation in adaptive wavelet discretizations ABSTRACT
Ryan Galagusz
Jean-Christophe Nave
David Shirokoff
High order penalty methods: A Fourier approach to solving wave equations on domains with curved boundaries ABSTRACT
Nils Gerhard
Siegfried Müller
Numerical simulation of Tsunamis using adaptive multiresolution discontinuous Galerkin schemes ABSTRACT
Georges-Henri Cottet
Chloé Mimeau
Iraj Mortazavi
Three-dimensional hybrid vortex-penalization method with application to passive flow control ABSTRACT

Organized by Pedro Morin
(speaker underlined)
Annalisa Buffa
Eduardo M. Garau
A posteriori error estimators for HB-spline discretizations ABSTRACT
Pedro Morin
Ricardo Nochetto
Sebastian Pauletti
Adaptativity in hierarchical splines spaces ABSTRACT
Alejandro Allendes
Harbir Antil
Enrique Otárola
Richard Rankin
Abner Salgado
Adaptive finite element methods for an optimal control problems involving Dirac measures ABSTRACT
Juan G. Calvo
Olof B. Widlund
An adaptive choice of primal constraints for BDDC domain decomposition algorithms ABSTRACT
Emmanuil Georgoulis
Omar Lakkis
Charalambos Makridakis
Aposteriori error analysis of timestepping schemes for the wave equation ABSTRACT
Natalia Kopteva
Torsten Linss
Maximum-norm a posteriori error estimates for parabolic equations ABSTRACT
Alan Demlow
Optimality of adaptive FEM for eigenvalue clusters ABSTRACT
Alexandre Ern
Martin Vohralík
Polynomial-degree-robust a posteriori estimates for elliptic PDEs ABSTRACT
Rodolfo Rodríguez
Ivana Sebestová
Residual-based a posteriori error estimator for the Maxwells eigenvalue problem ABSTRACT

Organized by Michael Neilan and Francisco J. Sayas
(speaker underlined)
Erik Burman
Pierre Cantin
Alexander Ern
A compact-stencil scheme of order 3/2 on polyhedral meshes for advection-reaction equations ABSTRACT
Ernesto Cáceres
Gabriel N. Gatica
Filander Sequeira
A mixed virtual element method for Quasi-Newtonian Stokes flow ABSTRACT
Nilima Nigam
A modification of Schiffers conjecture, and a proof via finite elements ABSTRACT
Michael Feischl
Gregor Gantner
Alexander Haberl
Dirk Praetorius
A posteriori error estimation for adaptive IGA boundary element methods ABSTRACT
Tonatiuh Sanchez-Vizuet
Francisco-Javier Sayas
BEM/FEM coupling for transient acoustic scattering by piezoelectric obstacles ABSTRACT
Simon Arridge
Timo Betcke
Pierre Gélat
Elwin Vant Wout
Efficient boundary element methods for focused ultrasound treatment planning ABSTRACT
Masahisa Tabata
Shinya Uchiumi
Exactly computable Lagrange Galerkin schemes for flow problems ABSTRACT
Abner Salgado
Wujun Zhang
Finite element approximation of the Isaacs equation ABSTRACT
Harbir Antil
Michael Hintermüller
Ricardo Nochetto
Thomas Surowiec
Donat Wegner
Finite horizon model predictive control of electrowetting on dielectric with pinning ABSTRACT
Eligio Colmenares
Gabriel N. Gatica
Ricardo Oyarzúa
Fixed point strategies for mixed variational formulations of the stationary Boussinesq problem ABSTRACT
Alan Demlow
Natalia Kopteva
Maximum-norm a posteriori error control for singularly perturbed elliptic reaction-diffusion equations ABSTRACT
Maicon R. Correa
Margui R. Pinedo
Mixed-hybrid finite element methods for a non-linear diffusion-reaction equation ABSTRACT
Dietmar Gallistl
Daniel Peterseim
Multiscale Petrov-Galerkin finite element method for acoustic scattering ABSTRACT
Ralf Hiptmair
Carlos Jerez-Hanckes
Carolina Urzúa
Operator preconditioning for the hypersingular operator over 3D screens ABSTRACT
Thomas Führer
Markus Melenk
Dirk Praetorius
Alexander Rieder
Optimal additive Schwarz preconditioning for the hp-BEM: The hypersingular integral operator in 3D ABSTRACT
Masahisa Tabata
Some applications of the Lagrange-Galerkin method in flow problems ABSTRACT
Carlos Jerez-Hanckes
Gerardo Silva
Wave scattering by randomly perturbed periodic gratings via sparse tensor BEM ABSTRACT

Organized by Norbert Heuer
(speaker underlined)
Huangxin Chen
Weifeng Qiu
A first order system least squares method for the Helmholtz equation ABSTRACT
Gabriel Acosta
Juan Pablo Borthagaray
A fractional laplace equation: regularity of solutions and finite element approximations ABSTRACT
Mahadevan Ganesh
Charles Morgenstern
A new class of Galerkin FEM wave propagation models ABSTRACT
Norbert Heuer
A non-conforming domain decomposition approximation for the Helmholtz screen problem with hypersingular operator ABSTRACT
Jinank Jain
G. Murali Mohan Reddy
Jhuma Sen Gupta
Rajen K. Sinha
A posteriori error analysis of linear parabolic interface problems: A reconstruction approach ABSTRACT
Norbert Heuer
Michael Karkulik
A robust DPG method for singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion problems ABSTRACT
Lothar Banz
Ernst P. Stephan
hp-adaptive Interior Penalty FEM for Elliptic Obstacle Problems DG for Laplace, $C^0$ for bi-Laplace ABSTRACT
Markus Melenk
Birgit Pichler
Christos Xenophontos
hp-FEM for singular perturbations: Balanced norms and multiple scales ABSTRACT
Alexis Jawtuschenko
Ariel L. Lombardi
Interpolation error estimates for vectorial finite elements on general polyhedral anisotropic meshes ABSTRACT
Thomas Führer
On the coupling of DPG and BEM ABSTRACT
Michael Feischl
Thomas Führer
Gregor Gantner
Alexander Haberl
Dirk Praetorius
Optimal convergence rates for goal-oriented adaptivity ABSTRACT
Ignacio Muga
Kristoffer Van der Zee
Optimal discretization in Banach spaces ABSTRACT

Organized by Alfredo Bermúdez and Rodolfo Rodríguez
(speaker underlined)
Alfredo Bermúdez
Marta Piñeiro
Rodolfo Rodríguez
Pilar Salgado
A T-phi, phi formulation for an eddy current problem ABSTRACT
Xavier Claeys
Ralf Hiptmair
Elke Spindler
A well-conditioned boundary integral formulation for electromagnetic scattering at composite objects ABSTRACT
Daisuke Tagami
An iterative domain decomposition method for eddy current problems adapted to the gauge condition ABSTRACT
Xavier Claeys
Victorita Dolean
Martin J. Gander
Block-Jacobi preconditioners for local multi-trace formulations ABSTRACT
Ana Alonso Rodríguez
Enrico Bertolazzi
Riccardo Ghiloni
Ruben Specogna
Construction of homological Seifert surfaces and some applications in electromagnetism ABSTRACT
Helene Barucq
Aralar Erdozain
David Pardo
Victor Perón
Derivation and validation of impedance transmission conditions for the electric potential across a highly conductive casing ABSTRACT
Carlos Jerez-Hanckes
Christoph Schwab
Electromagnetic wave scattering by random surfaces: Shape holomorphy ABSTRACT
Tao Chen
Tong Kang
Fully discrete A-phi finite element method for Maxwells equations with nonlinear conductivity ABSTRACT
David P. Hewett
Hybrid numerical-asymptotic boundary element methods for high frequency wave scattering ABSTRACT
Javier I. Etcheverry
Modeling and solving problems on electromagnetic non-destructive testing of steel pipes ABSTRACT
Dietmar Hömberg
Modelling and simulation of multi-frequency induction hardening ABSTRACT
Ana Alonso Rodríguez
Jessika Camaño
Rodolfo Rodríguez
Alberto Valli
Pablo Venegas
Numerical approximation of the spectrum of the curl operator in multiply connected domains ABSTRACT
Hélène Barucq
Juliette Chabassier
Marc Duruflé
Victor Péron
On a boundary layer phenomenon in acoustic media ABSTRACT
Harbir Antil
Ricardo H. Nochetto
Pablo Venegas
Optimizing the Kelvin force in a subdomain ABSTRACT
Fritz Kretzschmar
Andrea Moiola
Ilaria Perugia
Sascha Schnepp
Space-time Trefftz discontinuous Galerkin methods for wave problems ABSTRACT
Eliane Bécache
Patrick Joly
Maryna Kachanovska
Stable perfectly matched layers for cold plasmas in strong magnetic fields ABSTRACT
Sivaram Ambikasaran
Carlos Borges
Leslie Greengard
Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard
Volume integral methods for the Helmholtz equation with variable coefficients ABSTRACT

Organized by Ricardo Ruiz-Baier and Simone Scacchi
(speaker underlined)
Ricardo Ruiz-Baier
A primal-mixed finite element method for the electromechanics of the heart ABSTRACT
Angelo Auricchio
Marco Favino
Erich Foster
Rolf Krause
Simone Pezzuto
Sonia Pozzi
Frits Prinzen
Coupling strategies for electro-mechanics in the heart ABSTRACT
Piero Colli Franzone
Luca F. Pavarino
Simone Scacchi
Effects of mechano-electric feedbacks on the cardiac bioelectrical activity: A simulation study ABSTRACT
Angelo Auricchio
Peter Kalavsky
Rolf Krause
Simone Pezzuto
Mark Potse
Inverse modeling for cardiac electrophysiology with fast eikonal approximation ABSTRACT
Cristóbal Bertoglio
Sebastian Kozerke
Andreas Nagler
Christian Stoeck
Wolfgang A. Wall
Maximum likelihood estimation of cardiac fibers from in-vivo DMRI and influence on biomechanical heart simulations ABSTRACT
Cristóbal Cortínez
Carlos Jerez-Hanckes
Multiple traces formulation for multiple biological cells electrically excited ABSTRACT
Daniel Hurtado
Julio Sotelo
Sergio Uribe
Tridimensional quantification of cardiovascular hemodynamics parameter using finite element methods from 4D flow MRI data ABSTRACT
Nicole Cornejo
Duvan Henao
Daniel E. Hurtado
William Ramirez
Variational principle for the bidomain electrophysiology model: Theory and numerical applications ABSTRACT

Organized by Marco Discacciati and Ricardo Oyarzúa
(speaker underlined)
Guido Kanschat
A conservative discretization for linear poroelasticity ABSTRACT
Sergio Caucao
Gabriel N. Gatica
Ricardo Oyarzúa
Ivana Sevestová
A fully-mixed formulation for the Navier-Stokes/Darcy coupled problem with nonlinear viscosity ABSTRACT
Verónica Anaya
David Mora
Ricardo Oyarzúa
Ricardo Ruiz-Baier
A mixed FEM for a vorticity based formulation of the Brinkman problem ABSTRACT
Gabriel N. Gatica
Ricardo Ruiz-Baier
Mario A. Álvarez
A mixed-primal finite element approximation of a sedimentation-consolidation system ABSTRACT
Maicon R. Correa
Marcio A. Murad
A new one-way conservative numerical model for three-phase flow in poroelastic media ABSTRACT
Ricardo Oyarzúa
Ricardo Ruiz-Baier
Locking-free finite element methods for poroelasticity ABSTRACT
Vince Ervin
Michaela Kubacki
William Layton
Marina Moraiti
Zhiyong Si
Catalin Trenchea
Partitioned penalty method for contaminant transport models in coupled groundwater-surface water flows ABSTRACT
Alan Amad
Iury Igreja
Abimael Loula
Stabilized hybrid finite element formulations for coupled flow problems ABSTRACT

Organized by Pep Mulet
(speaker underlined)
Enrique Fernández-Nieto
José Garres Díaz
Anne Mangeney
Gladys Narbona-Reina
A splitting high order-multilayer approach for dry granular flows ABSTRACT
Michael Dumbser
Claus R. Goetz
An ADER scheme with a new solver for the generalized Riemann problem and local space-time DG flux integration ABSTRACT
Manuel J. Castro Díaz
José M. Gallardo Molina
Antonio Marquina
Approximate Osher-Solomon schemes for hyperbolic systems ABSTRACT
Philippe Devloor
Agnaldo Farias
Sonia Gomes
Omar D. Triana
José Villegas
Conservative high order coupled mixed finite element-finite volume method for two-phase flows in heterogeneous media ABSTRACT
Raimund Bürger
Francisco Guerrero
Maria del Carmen Martí
Pep Mulet
Finite difference WENO schemes for multi-dimensional multiphase flows in porous media ABSTRACT
Alfredo Bermúdez
Xian López
María Elena Vázquez-Cedón
Numerical solution of Euler equations with source terms ABSTRACT
Sebastiano Boscarino
Raimund Bürger
Pep Mulet
Giovanni Russo
Luis M. Villada
On nonlinearly and linearly implicit IMEX Runge-Kutta methods for a class of degenerate convection-diffusion problems ABSTRACT
Cristóbal Castro
Study of Riemann solvers for Euler equation with general equation of state ABSTRACT

Organized by Nilima Nigam
(speaker underlined)
Xiaobing Feng
Michael Neilan
Finite element methods and analysis for elliptic problems in non-divergence form ABSTRACT
Olaf Steinbach
Marco Zank
Generalized Steklov eigenvalue problems ABSTRACT
Sebastian Domínguez
Nilima Nigam
Bobak Shahriari
On the global optimality of the regular pentagon for the Dirichlet eigenvalue problem ABSTRACT
Francesca Gardini
Giuseppe Vacca
Virtual element methods for eigenvalue problems ABSTRACT
Oscar P. Bruno
Emmanuel Garza-Gonzalez
Windowed green function method and Maxwell eigenfunctions for open waveguide problems ABSTRACT

Organized by Eleuterio Toro
(speaker underlined)
Pablo J. Blanco
Raúl Feijóo
Lucas O. Müller
Sansuke M. Watanabe
A local time stepping solver for 1D blood flow: Application to the ADAN model ABSTRACT
Eleuterio Toro
A novel flux vector splitting for a class of PDEs ABSTRACT
Roberto Cabrales
Francisco Guillén-González
Juan Gutiérrez-Santacreu
A projection-based time-splitting finite element method for the numerical approximation of nematic liquid crystals flows ABSTRACT
Sophie Dallet
A staggered scheme using discretization of internal energy equations for a two-phase flow model ABSTRACT
Anibal Coronel
Mauricio Sepúlveda
Alex Tello
A systematic construction of the solution for the Riemann problem for the Burgers equation with discontinuous source term ABSTRACT
Rodrigo Lecaros
Juan C. Lopez
Gino Montecinos
Jaime Ortega
Eleuterio Toro
An ADER-type scheme for a class of equations arising from the water-wave theory ABSTRACT
Jean-Luc Guermond
Bojan Popov
Fast estimation of the maximum speed of propagation in the Riemann problem for the Euler equations ABSTRACT
Svetlana Tokareva
Eleuterio Toro
Flux splitting schemes for the model equations of compressible multiphase flow ABSTRACT
Adi Adimurthi
Aekta Aggarwal
G.D. Veerappa Gowda
Godunov-type numerical scheme for a model of granular flow for partially open tables ABSTRACT
Rémi Abgrall
Paola Bacigaluppi
Mario Ricchiuto
Svetlana Tokareva
How to avoid mass matrix inversion in continuous finite elements: Application to Lagrangian hydrodynamics ABSTRACT
Frédéric Coquel
Jin-Xins relaxation solvers with defect measure corrections ABSTRACT
Dinshaw S. Balsara
Multidimensional, self-similar, strongly-interacting, consistent (music) riemann solvers-applications to divergence-free MHD and ALE schemes ABSTRACT
Eleuterio Toro
The ADER approach for constructing non-linear schemes of arbitrary accuracy for solving evolutionary PDEs ABSTRACT
Darlin Soto
Andrés Ávila
Time splitting with finite element method for solving a nonlinear Schrödinger equation ABSTRACT

Organized by Stefan Diehl and Ingmar Nopens
(speaker underlined)
Raimund Bürger
Julio Careaga
Stefan Diehl
Camilo Mejías
Ingmar Nopens
A reduced model and simulations of reactive settling of activated sludge ABSTRACT
Christian Bourdarias
Charles Demay
Stephane Gerbi
Jean-Marc Hérard
Benoit de Laage de Meux
A compressible two-layer model for transient two-phase flows in pipes ABSTRACT
Andrea Barth
Raimund Bürger
Ilja Kröker
Christian Rohnde
A hybrid stochastic Galerkin method for uncertainty quantification applied to clarifer-thickener model with several random perturbations ABSTRACT
Fernando Betancourt
Raimund Bürger
Christophe Chalons
Stefan Diehl
Sebastian Farás
A random sampling approach for a family of Temple-class systems of conservation laws ABSTRACT
Raimund Bürger
Stefan Diehl
Camilo Mejías
A system of convection-diffusion-reaction PDEs modelling continuous sedimentation with reactions ABSTRACT
Raimund Bürger
Sudarshan Kenettinkara
Sarvesh Kumar
Ricardo Ruiz-Baier
Discontinuous approximation of viscous two-phase flow in heterogeneous porous media ABSTRACT
Jitendra Kumar
Severine Mortier
Ingmar Nopens
Mehakpreet Singh
Numerical solution of 2D population balance models for wastewater treatment ABSTRACT
Raimund Bürger
Stefan Diehl
Camilo Mejías
On time discretizations for the simulation of the batch settling-compression process in one dimension ABSTRACT
Stefan Diehl
Ingmar Nopens
Elena Torfs
PDEs in the modelling of wastewater treatment processes and the need for reliable simulation tools ABSTRACT

Organized by Johnny Guzmán and Marcus Sarkis
(speaker underlined)
Daniele Boffi
Lucia Gastaldi
A fictitious domain approach with distributed Lagrange multiplier for fluid-structure interactions ABSTRACT
Weifeng Qiu
Manuel Solano
Patrick Vega
A high order HDG method for curved-interface problems ABSTRACT
Pavel Bochev
Paul Kuberry
Variations on an interface theme ABSTRACT

Organized by Harbir Antil, Enrique Otárola and Abner Salgado
(speaker underlined)
Pavel Bochev
Marta Delia
A coupling strategy for nonlocal and local diffusion models with mixed volume constraints and boundary conditions ABSTRACT
Ricardo Nochetto
Enrique Otárola
Abner Salgado
A PDE approach to space-time fractional parabolic problems ABSTRACT
Carlos D. Acosta
Manuel D. Echeverry
Estefanía J. Guevara
Carlos E. Mejía
Ricardo Ruiz-Baier
Discrete mollification for inverse problems based on time-fractional differential equations ABSTRACT
Bernando Cockburn
kassem Mustapha
HDG methods for fractional diffusion ABSTRACT
Pablo Seleson
Multiscale coupling methods in peridynamics ABSTRACT
Marcelo Actis
Marilina Carena
Pedro Morin
Nonlocal diffusions on fractals. Qualitative properties and numerical approximations ABSTRACT
Afaf Bouharguane
Remi Carles
Numerical methods for a nonlocal conservation law ABSTRACT
Bangti Jin
Raytcho Lazarov
Zhi Zhou
Petrov-Galerkin finite element method for fractional convection-diffusion equations ABSTRACT

Organized by Bernardo Cockburn, Jay Gopalakrishnan and Manuel Solano
(speaker underlined)
Noel Chalmers
Lilia Krivodonova
A characteristic-based CFL condition for the discontinuous Galerkin method on triangular meshes ABSTRACT
Stéphane Lanteri
Raphaël Léger
Diego Paredes
Claire Scheid
Frédéric Valentin
A multiscale hybrid-mixed method for the Maxwell equations in time domain ABSTRACT
Jay Gopalakrishnan
Peter Monk
Paulina Sepúlveda
A scheme with discontinuous and conforming spaces for the wave equation ABSTRACT
Georg May
Mohammad Zakerzadeh
Convergence analysis of a shock-capturing discontinuous Galerkin scheme for hyperbolic conservation laws ABSTRACT
Mohammed Louaked
Nour Seloula
Discontinuous Galerkin method for the Stokes equations with mixed boundary conditions ABSTRACT
Allan Hungria
Daniele Prada
Francisco-Javier Sayas
Hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin methods for elastodynamics ABSTRACT
Yanlai Chen
Bernardo Cockburn
Bo Dong
Superconvergent HDG methods for linear third-order equations in one-space dimension ABSTRACT

Organized by Giacomo Albi, Dante Kalise and Francisco Silva
(speaker underlined)
Luis Briceño-Arias
Dante Kalise
Francisco Silva
A proximal splitting method to solve some stationary mean field game systems ABSTRACT
Adriano Festa
Andrea Tosin
Marie-Therese Wolfram
Collision avoidance and pedestrian dynamics ABSTRACT
Athena Picarelli
Christoph Reisinger
Duality-based error estimates for some approximation schemes for optimal investment problems ABSTRACT
Alessandro Alla
Maurizio Falcone
Stefan Volkwein
Error analysis for POD approximations in a dynamic programming framework ABSTRACT
Giacomo Albi
Multi-scale modeling and control of self-organizing systems ABSTRACT
Olivier Bokanowski
Eric Bourgeois
Anna Désilles
Hasnaa Zidani
Trajectory optimization for a heavy launcher: A Hamilton-Jacobi approach ABSTRACT

Organized by Leonardo Figueroa
(speaker underlined)
Daiana Barreiro
Cristiane O. Faria
José Karam Filho
Abimael Loula
Sandra Malta
A stabilized hybrid finite element method for parabolic problems ABSTRACT
Erwan Hingant
Mauricio Sepúlveda
Convergence of a finite volume scheme for a sorption-coagulation equation ABSTRACT
Stela Leite
Saulo P. Oliveira
Error analysis of acoustic wave equation with non-constant coefficients by spectral element methods ABSTRACT
Verónica Anaya
Mostafa Bendahmane
Michael Langlais
Mauricio Sepúlveda
Finite volume discretization for a reaction diffusion system modelling an indirectly transmitted disease ABSTRACT
Leonardo E. Figueroa
On spectral differentiation on the disk ABSTRACT

Organized by Steve Ruuth
(speaker underlined)
Adam L. Preuss
Raymond J. Spiteri
Jeffrey K. Wiens
A massively parallel, variable time-step, multi-GPU solver for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations ABSTRACT
Eskil Hansen
Erik Henningsson
Convergence order analyses of ADI splitting schemes for semilinear parabolic PDEs ABSTRACT
Uri Ascher
Data completion and manipulation: When can we get away with it? ABSTRACT
Inmaculada Higueras
David Ketcheson
Tihamér A. Kocsis
Monotonicity-preserving perturbations of Runge-Kutta schemes ABSTRACT
Caio Jacob Milani
Orlando Rodrigues Jr
Joyce da Silva Bevilacqua
Numerical simulation of the difusion of ferric Ions in fricke-gel dosimeters ABSTRACT
Adrian Sandu
Solving the time dimension in multiphysics multiscale PDE simulations ABSTRACT
Yiannis Hadjimichael
David Ketcheson Ketcheson
Strong-stability-preserving additive linear multistep methods ABSTRACT

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