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15 March 2024: Dr. Manuel Solano: "It motivates me that international evaluators recognize the contribution of my work to the discipline"
This is the fourth consecutive time that the researcher has been awarded Fondecyt funding, completing a total of 14 uninterrupted years
8 March 2024: Mathematician with a doctorate from the UdeC joined the U. Católica del Maule
Yissedt Lara will begin to develop a project of the Center for Mathematical Modelling of the U. of Chile to promote collaboration between researchers in the area.
5 March 2024: Paulo Navia: “They have top level researchers in the field”
Colombian graduate student stayed at UdeC to collaborate with CI²Ma researcher Dr. Manuel Solano and learn new tools for analyzing numerical methods
29 February 2024: WONAPDE 2024 came to a successful conclusion
The traditional numerical analysis event is currently the most important in its discipline worldwide.
12 January 2024: New study deepens understanding of major drivers of large earthquakes
Geosciences study featured advanced applied numerical analysis techniques and was recently published by the prestigious publisher Nature
8 January 2024: Mathematical civil engineer from UdeC with a PhD in Canada continues his career in USA
He graduated in 2018 and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the U. of Colorado Boulder developing models for aerospace problems


21 December 2023: Researchers from CI²Ma participated in a Chilean French scientific meeting
Event held at the UdeC was part of four meetings organized by Inria-Chile
15 December 2023: CI²MA will contribute to analyze data for early detection of natural hazards project
Geosciences initiative responds to technological challenge proposed by the Air Force
13 December 2023: Mathematician with a degree and doctorate from UdeC joined USACH as an academic
Patrick Vega was appointed to his current position through an open call
5 October 2023: CI²MA researcher participated in a conference in Portugal
Manuel Solano strengthened international collaboration networks for future projects
4 October 2023: Prof. Mauricio Sepúlveda: “It was very exciting and surprising”
One of his professors, colleagues and former students from different stages of his career evaluate the event held for the 60th birthday of the researcher at the Center for Research in Mathematical Engineering
3 October 2023: Prominent exponents of world applied mathematics will meet in Concepción
Next January, a new version of the prestigious WONAPDE congress will be held at the UdeC, bringing together about two hundred specialists every three years
3 October 2023: Developing mathematical models for a better and more efficient understanding of earthquakes
Undergraduate thesis from UdeC optimizes the processing of this data and was carried out under the CI²MA and the PRECURSOR Group Project
8 September 2023: Panamanian mathematician with a PhD from the UdeC reinforces collaboration between both countries
After completing her master s degree at the Universidad Tecnológica de Panama, Yolanda Vásquez obtained the highest academic degree at the Universidad de Concepción
28 August 2023: From biomedicine to geosciences: French mathematician strengthens ties with the UdeC
Franz Chouly makes his second stay at the U. de Concepción to collaborate with the Director of CI²MA, Rodolfo Araya
23 August 2023: Dr. Mauricio Sepúlveda:
On his 60th birthday, a group of former students organized a scientific event around the figure and career of the UdeC academic
12 July 2023: New mathematical models are developed for the activated sludge process of sewage treatment
Results of PhD thesis also have application in other productive activities, such as mining
5 July 2023: OPEN CONTEST: MMCF ANID Group Project
Applications are received until Monday, July 31.
30 June 2023: Expert in mathematical modeling of flotation processes visited the UdeC
The stay of Spanish academic was extended for a month and included various academic collaboration activities
17 June 2023: Director of CI²MA participated in a congress in the Czech Republic
Rodolfo Araya presented hybrid multiscale methods with applications to physical models at an international meeting held in Prague
16 June 2023: Mathematical results for sedimentation problems are presented
Romel Pineda is a PhD student in Cs. Aplicadas with a minor in Mathematical Engineering of the UdeC and presented a poster that summarizes the main of his results, with applications in wastewater treatment and mining
25 April 2023: Former CI²MA researcher joined the U. Católica de Temuco as an academician
After obtaining his doctorate at the UdeC and spending a stay at the U. of Waterloo, Paulo Zúñiga joined this university in the capital of La Araucanía this semester
18 April 2023: Former member of CI²MA UdeC joined a prestigious German institute
Cristian Cárcamo obtained the PhD degree in 2021 at the U. de Concepción and later worked at our Center as a Research Assistant
12 April 2023: Applied mathematics for problems in forest topics
The development of algorithms can be key in the search for solutions in the productive sector
28 March 2023: CI²MA Director will evaluate multidisciplinary projects from Canada
It is the second time that Prof. Rodolfo Araya is invited to form the international council of experts of the CFI
8 March 2023: CI²MA researcher takes a sabbatical period in France
The stay that Prof. Mauricio Sepúlveda is carrying out in research centers located in the vicinity of Paris extends until next August


22 December 2022: UdeC undergraduate study advances in the application of novel optimization methods
Results presented in a Mathematical Civil Engineering undergraduate thesis could be applied to shape optimization problems
20 December 2022: Director of CI²MA participated in an international conference held in Buenos Aires
BAIL 2022 was organized by the Department of Mathematics of the UBA
29 November 2022: CI²MA researchers participated in Mathematics Week
Traditional meeting that brings together researchers from all areas of the discipline is organized by the PUC of Valparaíso
3 October 2022: Former member of CI²MA joined the Universidad Nacional de Jaén, Peru
Since obtaining his PhD., Nestor Sánchez has maintained and strengthened a network of international academic collaboration contacts
5 September 2022: Former member of CI²MA-UdeC became an academician at the University of La Serena
Rodrigo Véjar obtained his PhD in 2019 and was developing teaching and scientific research work at local universities
5 August 2022: CRHIAM mourns the death of its former director Fernando Concha
Professor Emeritus of the Universidad de Concepción
22 July 2022: Outstanding Hungarian researcher visited the UdeC
In the context of a Regular Fondecyt project
13 May 2022: CI²MA researcher joined the Fondecyt Group of Study
Leading experts in their respective areas are part of these groups that represent an intermediate level of decision-making in the processes of awarding projects and benefits
11 May 2022: Former CI²MA member joined the faculty of the U. Católica del Maule
Víctor Osores received his PhD in 2019
21 April 2022: Mathematicians from four universities meet to make agreements at the UdeC
Group formed in Concepción has stood out in recent years as a pole of development of the discipline
13 April 2022: From mathematics: they seek to contribute to electricity generation with less environmental impact
Experts developed a model applied to four thermal power plants in Biobío and Valparaíso that inspired a paper soon to be published in the prestigious journal Applied Energy
11 April 2022: Sedimentation applications promote postdoctoral stay of the CMM at the UdeC
After completing his doctoral studies in Sweden, last March Julio Careaga returned to his alma mater, where he graduated as a mathematical civil engineer in January 2016
18 March 2022: CI²MA researcher directs project with various applications in vehicular traffic, population dynamics and epidemiology
Luis Miguel Villada of the UBB leads an initiative in which scientists from Colombia and France also contribute
15 March 2022: With all care: CI²MA is ready to host teaching and research activities in 2022
This UdeC Center is the venue of a node for the development of applied mathematics that stands out at a global level.
11 March 2022: UdeC undergraduate student carries out research stay in the United States
Esteban Henríquez is under the tutorship of Dr. Manuel Solano, CI²MA researcher
10 March 2022: CI²MA researchers are ranked at the forefront in Chile in the international ranking
Gabriel Gatica and Raimund Bürger are among the only three scientists from institutions in the country highlighted by measurement in Mathematics
3 March 2022: Central American symposium included important presence of CI²MA
At the end of last month, the XXIII SIMMAC was held in which four UdeC PhD. Program graduates participated
18 January 2022: CI²MA researchers awarded Fondecyt Regular projects
Academicians from the UdeC and the UBB will lead proposals in the area of numerical analysis that received funding from this ANID line


21 December 2021: CI²MA researcher received the title of Professor Emeritus from UdeC
Dr. Rodolfo Rodríguez career was honored in an official ceremony led by Rector Dr. Carlos Saavedra
12 November 2021: CI²MA researchers lead projects that awarded funds from the Anillos Contest
Both projects address industrial problems that contribute to better use of water resources
26 October 2021: Mathematics PhDs from the UdeC reach 66
Two new graduates join the list of Latin Americans who have reached the highest academic degree in the discipline
20 May 2021: UdeC scientists anticipate possible scenarios modeling COVID data
To guide the adoption of better sanitary measures
29 April 2021: CI²MA researcher awarded ECOS-ANID funding
Three-year project includes financing for research stays
28 January 2021: Three CI²MA researchers awarded funds from Fondecyt Regular 2021
They are four year long projects


15 December 2020: Mathematicians from UdeC participate in an international project
In our country, this instance is led by the CI²MA researcher Manuel Solano
20 November 2020: Dr. Rodolfo Araya: “The question is how we impact daily life”
For celebration of the 20th anniversary of CMM, he analyzed the relationship between both centers
12 November 2020: Anahí Gajardo: “The scientific community is a global unit, not an individual one”
CI²MA researcher is part of an interdisciplinary project that seeks to bring science closer to the community
2 November 2020: CI²MA researchers assume direction of their respective Departments
Julio Aracena and Fernando Betancourt
23 October 2020: Subdirector of CI²MA obtains the Concepción City Hall Science Award
Dr. Raimund Bürger has an outstanding career at the UdeC
9 October 2020: CI²MA graduates received UdeC Doctoral Medals
Ceremony led by the Rector Carlos Saavedra
28 September 2020: Mathematical model developed at UdeC seeks to predict floods
Sedimentation study has wide applications
4 September 2020: Mathematicians from the UdeC contribute to preventing the spread of fires
With international cooperation, they address this address problem with high social impact
3 July 2020: CI²MA member received University Award
In the future, he pretends to continue Doctoral studies
10 June 2020: Engineering journals publish papers by UdeC mathematicians
They address mining and water treatment problems
3 June 2020: Former CI²MA student stands out for high scientific productivity
He got involved in research while still undergraduate
1 June 2020: Experts addressed the challenge of linking science and social problems
Director of CI²MA participated in an activity on the context of Cultural Heritage Day
26 May 2020: ICM thesis addresses time-dependent problems in curved domains
Research by Fernando Peña was directed by Manuel Solano
5 May 2020: Issue of a prestigious journal publishes three articles by members of CI²MA
Six researchers and three former students participate as co-authors
16 April 2020: UdeC mathematical model allows forecasting Covid-19 infections
Research will allow evaluating measures implemented by government
3 April 2020: New UdeC engineer presented thesis through a teleconference system
Gonzalo Benavides presented novel results in approximation theory
31 March 2020: Former CI²MA student works on biomedical applications at the PUC
Felipe Vargas collaborates with Manuel Sánchez, both former UdeC students
20 March 2020: New Director of CI²MA assumes
Rodolfo Araya highlights current prestige and productivity of the Center
16 March 2020: CI²MA researcher obtains first place in Fondecyt evaluation
Ricardo Oyarzúa obtained his PhD at the UdeC in 2010
10 March 2020: Construction of the Hermann Alder Weller Auditorium of CI²MA progresses
Named after one of the founders of the current DIM of the UdeC
9 March 2020: Former CI²MA student wins prestigious postdoctoral fellowship
Awarded by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS)
6 March 2020: Important presence of CI²MA in a conference in Central America
Organized by CIMPA from the Universidad de Costa Rica, UCR
4 March 2020: Collaborators of CI²MA visited universities at Concepción
Costa Rican researchers obtained their Ph.D. degrees at Universidad de Concepción
31 January 2020: CI²MA graduates favor inter-institutional collaboration
UdeC doctors work on applications for virtual elements
27 January 2020: Scientists from France and Brazil visited CI²MA
They participate in the Fondecyt project led by Diego Paredes of the UdeC
15 January 2020: Academician from Canada made a stay at CI²MA
Sander Rhebergen collaborates with Ricardo Oyarzúa, Manuel Solano and Paulo Zúñiga
9 January 2020: CI²MA researchers were awarded Fondecyt grants
On numerical analysis of problems in elasticity and alternative energies
6 January 2020: PhD in Mathematical Engineering from UdeC overcame 60 graduates
On December five students obtained the highest academic degree
2 January 2020: Study by CI²MA researchers originates patent
It is a flocculation reactor that can be used in water reuse processes
2 January 2020: Indian student achieved research stay at CI²MA
Nitesh Verma visited UdeC to collaborate with Raimund Bürger and David Mora


19 December 2019: CI²MA researcher participates in a new research team project
Rodolfo Araya will apply mathematical modeling in geophysics phenomena
13 December 2019: CI²MA student made a research stay in the USA
Néstor Sánchez developed important advances in his thesis research
6 December 2019: MCI students succeed researching through a teaching experience
Director of CI²MA highlights the importance of getting involved early in it
29 November 2019: UdeC graduated two new PhDs in Mathematical Engineering
Both were guided by CI²MA researchers
26 November 2019: Successful collaboration of CI²MA with Swedish mathematician
Raimund Bürger has an extensive collaboration history with his colleague Stefan Diehl
25 November 2019: Spanish mathematician made a brief stay at CI²MA
Academician from U. of Seville has long collaborated with our Center
22 November 2019: CI²MA researchers actively participate in FLACAM 2019
Subdirector Raimund Bürger gave one of the plenary lectures
13 November 2019: Oxford University mathematician achieve a research stay at CI²MA
Ricardo Ruiz-Baier received a doctorate in 2008 and currently collaborates with academics UdeC, UBB and UCSC.
31 October 2019: CI²MA researchers perform a research stay in Trento, Italy
UBB and UCSC academicians study electromagnetism problems
28 October 2019: CI²MA developed successful spring school
Instance gathered students from various Latin American countries
24 October 2019: Seven new PhDs obtained their degrees at CI²MA last year
Last Friday they received their doctoral medals in UdeC official ceremony
23 October 2019: CI²MA researchers participate in congress in Argentina
SUMA 2019 brought together researchers and students from Southern Cone countries.
16 October 2019: CI²MA graduate obtains Fondecyt financing
Eligio Colmenares is working as an academician at U. del Bío-Bío.
14 October 2019: CI²MA student conducts a successful research stay in the US
UdeC PhD candidate collaborates with a GSU researcher
18 September 2019: CI²MA graduate awarded funds for insertion in the UCSC
Sergio Caucao is currently performing a postdoctoral stay at U. of Pittsburgh, USA
10 September 2019: CI²MA researchers plan to collaborate with german mathematician
Professor Matthias Hieber presented at an event organized by the center
3 September 2019: Thesis of Master in mathematics addresses applied model
To diverse problems in medicine and fossil fuel extraction
2 September 2019: CI²MA delegation attends important international congress in Valencia
Researchers from this UdeC center had an outstanding participation.
23 August 2019: CI²MA researcher gives talk at international conference
Leonardo Figueroa participated in OPFSA 2019 in Hagenberg im Mühlkreis, Austria
19 August 2019: CI²MA members participate in important national congress
COMCA 2019 was held in La Serena, co-organized by the northern universities
19 August 2019: CI²MA PhD graduate will apply Mathematics in Forest Sciences
To predict scenarios in topics of interest in that research area
29 July 2019: CI²MA researcher visited prestigious american university
Manuel Solano collaborates with researchers at MIT
18 July 2019: CI²MA researchers in workshop on Biomathematics in Morocco
They participated as speakers in the conference WIMCB
7 July 2019: Researcher and student of CI²MA participate in international congress
Work presented by Yolanda Vásquez was recognized as one of the best posters
28 June 2019: CI²MA researchers visited China invited by the UST Beijing
Dr. Raimund Bürger and Dr. Fernando Betancourt strengthened ties with the institution
15 May 2019: Collaboration with the Mathematical Institute of Oxford continues
Through the co-direction of theses with Ricardo Ruiz-Baier, graduated from our doctorate
15 May 2019: Outstanding participation of CI²MA in 32th version of Mathematics Meeting
Held at the end of April in Universidad de Magallanes, Punta Arenas
22 March 2019: CI²MA continues strengthening international mobility of MCE students
In the Department of Mathematics of Simon Fraser University, Canada
11 February 2019: Five CI²MA students obtained Conicyt Scholarships
To continue their PhD studies in Mathematical Engineering
17 January 2019: CI²MA strengthens ties with research center in India
Visit of Raimund Bürger to the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST)
10 January 2019: Paper of CI²MA researchers among the most cited ones in IMANUM
Work originated from the undergraduate thesis of Ernesto Cáceres
2 January 2019: UdeC will be international host for the Numerical Analysis of PDEs
During January 21 - 25, 2019, the sixth version of WONAPDE will take place


17 December 2018: Mixed finite elements inspires two new undergraduate theses
Felipe Sandoval and Cristian Inzunza, both guided by CI²MA researcher
5 October 2018: CI²MA and Doctorate strengthen scientific ties with Panama
Sub-Director of CI²MA visits again the Technological University of Panama
2 October 2018: Cinthya Rivas, sixth woman graduated from our Ph.D. Program
Her thesis contributed new methods for the optimal design of solar cells
17 September 2018: Ex-doctorate from CI²MA will carry out postdoc en USA
Sergio Caucao won fellowship from the Becas Chile program
16 September 2018: CI²MA researcher distinguished for her research productivity
Jessika Camaño was recognized by the Faculty of Engineering of the UCSC
6 August 2018: Professor Raimund Bürger delivers invited lecture at ICM2018
ICM, the most important worldwide event in Mathematics
1 July 2018: Outstanding presence of CI²MA in HYP2018 congress
Held during June 25 - 29 in Penn State University, USA
30 June 2018: CI²MA researchers and collaborators gathered at INRIA-Bordeaux
To work on models in cardiology and epidemiology
30 April 2018: Doctorate in Mathematical Engineering accredited for seven years
Decision of the CNA allows students of the program to apply for Conicyt scholarships
20 April 2018: CI²MA promotes international stays of undergraduate students
Alejandra Barrios, student of Manuel Solano, is currently visiting Brown U. (USA)
16 April 2018: CI²MA financing was renewed for one more period
The joint basal project with the CMM was extended for three more years
13 April 2018: UdeC researcher gave talks at University of Costa Rica
Professor Raimund Bürger talked about the work of the CI²MA and the PhD program
10 April 2018: UdeC Mathematical Engineers will pursue PhD studies in Canada
This chance was posible thanks to a 2017 successful internship experience
9 April 2018: CI²MA researchers participate in an international Europe-based project
Mathematicians collaborate with their peers from prestigious French INRIA
9 April 2018: Director of CI²MA strengthened ties of UdeC in Costa Rica
The academician took part in a congress and performed two research visits
2 April 2018: Thesis developed at CI²MA was recognized among the best
The work carried out by Eligio Colmenares was distinguished by the UdeC Graduate School
12 March 2018: UdeC PhD student conducts research stay in Canada
CI²MA doctoral student expands his knowledge with a leading researcher in the field
8 January 2018: Two new PhDs in Mathematical Engineering graduated from UdeC
Both developed their theses under direction of CI²MA researchers


31 December 2017: Seven CI²MA researchers have been awarded Fondecyt financing
All the receivers in the area of Numerical Analysis of PDEs
29 December 2017: Outstanding expert in mathematical epidemiology will visit UdeC
Gerardo Chowell has been collaborating with CI²MA researchers since 2012
26 December 2017: Project of CI²MA young member obtains Corfo funds
With a venture based on the results of his scientific research activity.
7 December 2017: Members of CI²MA were honored at the UBB and the PUC
Ricardo Oyarzua and Nicolas Barnafi recognized in research and postgraduate studies
28 November 2017: PhD student from CI²MA carried out outreach activities in Chiguayante
Talks given in the context of his Conicyt scholarship retribution
17 November 2017: Colombian Ph.D. student spent three months at CI²MA
Liliana Camargo collaborates with Professor Manuel Solano in numerical methods for PDEs
3 November 2017: Spanish researcher is in three-year-long research stay at CI²MA
David Zorío is a collaborator of Professor Raimund Bürger
31 October 2017: CI²MA researcher co-directed thesis of Master from UC
Interdisciplinary study addressed a problem in Medicine area
23 October 2017: Former CI²MA students received doctoral medals
Most of them specialized in Numerical Analysis of PDEs.
18 October 2017: CI²MA researchers opined on the current state of chilean science
They emphasize that the key is in correct allocation of funds
13 October 2017: CI²MA graduates stand out by their high scientific productivity
New issue of a leading journal concentrates articles of former Ph.D. students
3 October 2017: Interdisciplinary seminar boosted collaboration with the industrial sector
Leading researchers from different countries gave talks in the workshop
11 September 2017: CI²MA researcher distinguished for her teaching work
Jessika Camaño was recognized by her undergraduate students in the UCSC
30 August 2017: Mixed finite elements was the subject of successful thesis done in CI²MA
Javier Almonacid obtained the title of Mathematical Civil Engineer UdeC
24 August 2017: CI²MA researcher obtains Research Excelence Award
Ricardo Oyarzúa was distinguished by UBB in Young Researcher category
21 August 2017: CI²MA members participated in the Access Chile-Sweden network meeting
UdeC researchers have a long history of collaboration with Swedish colleagues.
19 August 2017: Members of CI²MA stood out in XXVI COMCA
Massive participation of mathematicians from this UdeC research center
10 August 2017: Former doctoral candidate at CI²MA will be postdoctoral fellow at the UBB
Carlos García will be one year in the state university collaborating with Ricardo Oyarzúa
30 July 2017: CI²MA researcher visited universities in USA
Manuel Solano visited University of Minnesota and University of Delaware.
23 July 2017: Former CI²MA postdoc is hired in prestigious Center in India
Recently, Sudarshan Kumar K. started working in IIT Guwahati.
14 July 2017: Mathematicians presented studies about hyperbolic problems
CI²MA event brought together Chilean and foreign researchers and students
10 July 2017: Viscosity matrices inspired new UdeC doctoral thesis.
Lihki Rubio attained doctorate after successfully defending his research thesis.
8 July 2017: Outstanding Mathematicians participated in international conference
Organized by researchers from PUC and CI²MA-UdeC
7 July 2017: CI²MA Research Assistant will pursue PhD studies in Sweden
Julio Careaga has already performed several research stays at University of Lund
15 June 2017: Another mathematical engineer trained at CI²MA obtains the doctoral degree
Carlos García studied evolutive models of certain physical phenomena.
7 June 2017: Academic from the Universidad de Chile presented in CI²MA Seminar
José Correa is a researcher at the Industrial Engineering Departament.
30 May 2017: CI²MA students were interviewed in TVU show
About their recent research stays at SFU, Canada
29 May 2017: Doctoral thesis students of CI²MA conducted research stays
Their Conicyt Ph.D. Scholarships funded these stays in Spain and Mexico
18 May 2017: CI²MA Director was awarded Atenea Prize 2016
After 10 years without distinguished scientific works.
12 May 2017: Mathematical engineering students from UdeC visited Canada
Thanks to international contacts of CI²MA, it is the second time this experience happens
3 May 2017: CI²MA researchers participated prominently in mathematics meeting
The 30th version of the Jornada de Matemática de la Zona Sur was held at the UCSC.
2 May 2017: Undergraduate students shared their international research experience
Three ICM-UdeC students did a two-month research stay.
17 April 2017: European mathematician did a research stay at Concepción
Andrea Cangiani collaborates with researchers and students from CI²MA
20 March 2017: CI²MA students obtained Conicyt funding
Adrián Carrillo, Bryan Gómez and Víctor Osores will finance their Ph.D. studies this way.
13 February 2017: CI²MA researchers were awarded funding from Fondecyt Regular
Raimund Bürger and Luis Mauricio Castro postulated projects in the contest.
26 January 2017: Spanish academician gave summer course at CI²MA
On notions of high performance in PDEs to undergraduate and postgraduate students
24 January 2017: CI²MA researcher joins editorial board of journal indexed in WoS
Raimund Bürger performs this duty for a period of three years
20 January 2017: Statistic and computational methods in various applications
Multidisciplinary seminar organized by the CI²MA center
11 January 2017: CI²MA member carries out research stay in Sweden
During his trip, Julio Careaga also visited the U. of Oxford in England.
5 January 2017: CI²MA researcher gave talks in Taiwan and Spain
Luis M. Castro made stays and presented his most recent results.


23 December 2016: UdeC exceeds 40 PhDs in Mathematical Engineering
The program has a recognized prestige at national and international level.
13 December 2016: CI²MA collaborator achieves prestigious recognition
Paola Goatin, from INRIA, was honored at the Femme in Or 2016 awards.
1 December 2016: German mathematician held a research stay at the UdeC
Scientist collaborates permanently with the sub-director of CI²MA, Raimund Bürger.
22 November 2016: CI²MA member exposed in congress of Swedish mathematicians
Julio Careaga is visiting the University of Lund in Sweden collaborating with Professor Stefan Diehl.
11 November 2016: UdeC undergraduate students to stay in Canada
The CI²MA managed this experience for students of Mathematical Civil Engineering.
9 November 2016: Indian postdoc closed stay with talk at the UBB
During one year, the researcher made a research visit in Chile
7 November 2016: Mathematical UdeC are in top 20 of national scientific production
Researchers have completed about 170 publications since 2008 to date.
2 November 2016: Young members of CI²MA presented in seminar on water resources
Graduate students and researchers from CI²MA participated in the CRHIAM congress
30 June 2016: CI²MA participates in England meeting on Applied Mathematics
Researcher of our Center organized a Mafelap 2016 minisimposium.
10 February 2016: CI²MA study optimizes sewage treatment processes
Young engineer conducted research with great applicability in health processes