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3 October 2022: Former member of CI²MA joined the Universidad Nacional de Jaén, Peru
Since obtaining his PhD., Nestor Sánchez has maintained and strengthened a network of international academic collaboration contacts

In 2008, in the north of Peru, the Universidad Nacional de Jaén (UNJ) was founded. In undergraduate, it offers five undergraduate professional programs; and master's degrees, doctorates and diplomas. The former member of the Center for Research in Mathematical Engineering, CI²MA, of the Universidad de Concepción, UdeC, Nestor Sánchez Goycochea, has joined, since August 2019, the Academic Department of Basic and Applied Sciences of UNJ. 

In 2021, Nestor successfully graduated from the UdeC PhD. Program in Applied Sciences with a mention in Mathematical Engineering, after defending his thesis entitled Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Non-Linear Problems in Plasma Physics, in whose development he had the direction of the UdeC academic e researcher of our Center, Manuel Solano Palma and with the co-direction of Tonatiuh-Sánchez Vizuet of the University of Arizona, United States. 

“During his doctoral studies, Nestor was very disciplined. During the development of his thesis, he managed to obtain non-trivial results related to error estimators in non-polygonal domains. He had the opportunity to carry out a research stay with Dr. Tonatiuh-Sánchez Vizuet, at that time at the Courant Institute of the University of New York, thus creating a collaboration link that, later, allowed him to obtain a position as a postdoctoral researcher in Mexico”, highlighted Prof. Solano. 

Rodolfo Araya Durán, Director of CI²MA, emphasized that “it is very gratifying to see how our former students are finding their place in the academic community, both in our country and abroad. From CI²MA, we wish Nestor much academic and personal success in this new stage of his life”. 

Nestor comments that “after my doctoral thesis defense, I began a postdoctoral stay at the Institute of Mathematics (IMATE) of the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM), Juriquilla campus. During this stay, I have participated as a collaborator in the project 'Inverse and direct problems in partial differential equations' under the supervision of Dr. Gerardo Hernández Dueñas (...), and as a speaker at the CIMAT Colloquium, organized by the Center for Research in Mathematics, A.C. in Guanajuato, at the I International Mathematics Congress, held by the Universidad Pedro Ruiz Gallo, Peru, and at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Mexico Section (MexSIAM), held by the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila. Regarding teaching, I had the opportunity to be an assistant professor in 'Introduction to continuous media', for UNAM master's students”. 

More recently, Nestor details, “I have joined the UNJ, through a public call from the Ministry of Education (MINEDU). At the moment, my work is only teaching for engineering students, but since it is a relatively new university, I hope to collaborate in multidisciplinary research groups soon”. 

In addition, Nestor highlights that “my link with UNAM has allowed me to continue teaching the course 'Introduction to the Finite Element Method' to graduate students of that University during the current semester; and I continue collaborating with Dr. Gerardo Hernández Dueñas for the completion of an article and with whom I would like to continue doing possible future work. I am also still in communication with one of my doctoral thesis advisers, Dr. Tonatiuh Sánchez-Vizuet from the University of Arizona, and with whom I am co-organizing the session 'Advances in numerical methods for partial differential equations' that will be presented at the Congress National of the Mexican Mathematical Society that will take place from October 23 to 28. 

Finally, Dr. Sánchez expressed “a special thanks to all my professors at the Universidad de Concepción who were part of my academic training: Manuel Solano, Ricardo Oyarzúa, Gabriel Gatica, Luis Gatica, Raimund Bürger, among others; and with whom I would like, in the near future, to create research links with the University of Jaén”. 

"I congratulate Nestor for the successful award of an academic position at the Universidad de Jaén", commented the Director of the PhD. Program in Applied Sciences with a mention in Mathematical Engineering of the UdeC, Raimund Bürger. “As Program Director,” he added, “it gives me special satisfaction to know that one more of our graduates has managed to find a stable job position. With this Nestor success, another milestone is added to the series of recent hirings, for example, Rodrigo Véjar at the U. de La Serena and Víctor Osores at the U. Católica del Maule”. 

“Regarding Nestor”, Professor Bürger added, “we hope to be able to support you in your research and include you in our collaboration networks. It is in the interest of our Program to strengthen ties with Peruvian universities. In addition, there are recent initiatives by the Postgraduate Directorate of our university to form a network with foreign graduates who are working in their country of origin”. 

Nestor's postgraduate studies at the UdeC were financed by the National Doctorate Scholarship from the National Research and Development Agency, ANID (2019-21191566). In addition, the now UNJ academic explains that he has participated in various research initiatives such as “the Fondecyt projects No. 1160320 and No. 1200569, the AFB 170001 project of the PIA program: Support for Scientific and Technological Centers of Excellence with Basal Financing Contest, managed by Professor Solano, and the project financed by the United States Department of Energy through project No. DE-FG02-86ER53233, under the management of Professor Tonatiuh Sánchez-Vizuet”. 

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