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30 June 2016: CI²MA participates in England meeting on Applied Mathematics
Researcher of our Center organized a Mafelap 2016 minisimposium.

Between Tuesday 14 and Friday 17 June was held at Brunel University, London, England, the 15th version of the traditional conference “The Mathematics of Finite Elements and Applications”, MAFELAP, organized since 1972 by the Brunel Institute of Computational Mathematics. During the four-day meeting, leading researchers from different disciplines related to the study of methods of finite and from countries other elements, universities, institutes and research centers, shared their experiences and narrowed ties of international cooperation, through the participation and attendance at plenary sessions and a series of minisymposia.

In this context, a group of researchers from the Center for Research in Mathematics, CI²MA Research , students and PhD program in Applied Sciences with mention in Mathematical Engineering at the Universidad de Concepción, attended the meeting. "Our mini-symposium was related to a topic (numerical methods for porous media) relatively popular, so to speak, in the community of numerical analysis, and the names of some of the speakers sound quite in the area. Fortunately we had a good turnout so I think it was successful", describes Ricardo Oyarzúa , researcher CI²MA on the mini-symposium that corresponded organized in collaboration with the academic of the University of Oxford, England, and ex CI²MA, Ricardo Ruiz-Baier, who maintains a permanent collaboration with members of our center, including the Oyarzúa himself, Gabriel Gatica and Raimund Bürger. In this instance, presented by the CI²MA, Mario Álvarez (A posteriori error analysis for a viscous flow–transport problem), Sergio Caucao (A posteriori error analysis for a fully-mixed formulation of the Navier–Stokes/Darcy coupled problem with nonlinear viscosity) and David Mora (A mixed FEM for a vorticity formulation of the Brinkman equations).

Meanwhile, Oyarzúa exposed Numerical methods for viscous flow in porous media in the mini-symposium organized by Daniele Boffi and Lucia Gastaldi. It should also be noted that students Mario Alvarez and Sergio Caucao currently performed research stays at British universities of Oxford and Loughborough, respectively. CI²MA is entourage who participated in MAFELAP, complete with Rommel Bustinza (An anisotropic a priori error analysis for a convection diffusion problem using an HDG method), Jéssika Camaño (Numerical approximation of the spectrum of the curl operator in multiply connected domains) and Manuel Solano (Numerical simulations of photovoltaic solar cells), all who exhibited at the meeting.

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