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22 July 2022: Outstanding Hungarian researcher visited the UdeC
In the context of a Regular Fondecyt project

He collaborates with a research project directed by an academic from the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

During the third week of July, the Center for Research in Mathematical Engineering, CI²MA, of the Universidad de Concepción, UdeC, received the visit of the outstanding scientist of Hungarian origin Dr. Vilmos Komornik, current researcher at the Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée and academic of the Department of Mathématique of the University of Strasbourg (France).

Komornik is a PhD in Mathematical Sciences and an external member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and among his main research interests are Combinatorial Number Theory, Analysis of Partial Difference Equations and Control Theory.

His first visit to our country is the product of the collaboration of the European with his CI²MA colleague and academic from the Department of Mathematical Engineering of the UdeC, Dr. Mauricio Sepúlveda Cortés within the context of the Fondecyt Regular project 1180868 from ANID Stability Analysis of Numerical Method for Damped Dispersive Equations, which Sepúlveda directs. "In this project that began to be carried out this year, inverse problems are proposed for various systems of equations of non-linear evolution with applications in biology and in other subjects", explains the UdeC researcher.

“The focus and main objective of the project”, adds Dr. Sepúlveda, “is the study of inverse problems, considering Lagrangian and adjunct state methodologies already known and previously used in applications for models of disease diffusion, sedimentation and chromatography, I am now interested in using those methods to address new models and types of application”.

In this regard, the Director of CI²MA, Dr. Rodolfo Araya Durán highlighted that “Dr. Komornik's presence in our Center only reinforces the excellent scientific level of our researchers. We are sure that the work of Dr. Komornik with Dr. Sepúlveda will produce important and interesting mathematical ideas”.

The collaboration between Komornik and Sepúlveda emerged recently, although they have known each other and have exchanged ideas for several years, since they have coincided in a series of scientific events that have been held in Brazil, specifically in Rio de Janeiro and Petrópolis. "He always participates and is a world leader in his specialty, controllability, and that is related to inverse problems, and that is why the opportunity was given to invite him to Chile in the context of this project," explains Sepúlveda, also a researcher. principal of the Center for Mathematical Modeling of the University of Chile.

In practice, the UdeC scientist details, “we are defining a problem to study together, and it is a good opportunity, because he is a great specialist. In addition to being a very productive scientist, with nearly 190 publications, four books from the Springer publishing house, on functional analysis and equations in partial derivatives, and several notes from his courses, he has a very broad vision of our discipline because he is a specialist in both applied mathematics, as well as in theoretical mathematics from Equations in Partial Derivatives to Number Theory”.

“He is a person with a wide culture, very knowledgeable about the history of mathematics, and with many interesting anecdotes”, comments Sepúlveda and adds that, for example, “Professor Komornik collaborated and published directly with his fellow countryman and famous mathematician Paul Erdős, known for his prolificacy with approximately 1500 articles in his lifetime and around 500 contributors”.


Photo caption: from left to right, Professors Komornik and Sepúlveda

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