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CI²MA in the Media

The following are the various press releases, both local and national, which give an account of the various activities carried out by researchers at the CI²MA center.


9 October 2018: Boletín de la Dirección de Docencia. Students of Mathematical Civil Engineering publish articles in scientific journals
31 August 2018: Diario El Sur. UdeC and Shanghai ranking
9 May 2018: Revista I+D+i (página 36). Using math to prevent lung damage
29 April 2018: Revista Nos. UdeC awarded its Ph.D talents
23 April 2018: Revista Nos. Creators of tomorrow
23 April 2018: Revista Nos. UdeC Graduate School awarded its Ph.D talents
21 April 2018: Case studies, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. Incorporating stress-assisted diffusion in cardiac models
18 April 2018: Panorama UdeC. CI²MA financing was renewed for one more period
16 April 2018: Universidad de Costa Rica. Mathematics Section promotes academic exchanges
2 January 2018: Panorama UdeC. CI²MA researchers awarded Fondecyt financing


22 November 2017: Revista Nos. UdeC honored 78 new Ph. D.
26 October 2017: Panorama UdeC. Former CI²MA students received doctoral medals
24 January 2017: Panorama UdeC. Member of CI²MA conducted research stay in Sweden
24 January 2017: Panorama UdeC. CI²MA researcher gave lectures in Taiwan and Spain


21 November 2016: DGI Universidad del Bío-Bío. Indian postdoctoratal student closed Chile stay with a talk at the UBB
8 November 2016: Universidad de Las Américas. CI²MA-UdeC Director inaugurates a colloquium at UDLA in Concepción
11 October 2016: Revista I+D VRID. Chilean scientist reaches professor status at Oxford
28 September 2016: Dirección de Postgrados UdeC. UdeC PhDs made successful stays in England
27 September 2016: Panorama UdeC. CI²MA researchers exposed in French-Chilean workshop
10 May 2016: Center for Mathematical Modeling - U. de Chile. Universidad de Concepción distinguishes Gabriel Gatica’s research
4 May 2016: Panorama Universidad de Concepcion. UdeC recognizes the scientific trajectory of ten academics
2 May 2016: Televisión de la Universidad de Concepción. UdeC highlighted a select group of scientific researchers
12 April 2016: Noticias CONICYT. The CONICYT council president visits Biobío
11 February 2016: Diario Concepción. UdeC studies how to optimize sewage treatment


24 December 2015: Pagina web, Escuela de Ingenieria, PUC. Director of CI²MA, visits "Ingeniería UC"


4 November 2014: Revista Nos. CI²MA organizes the meeting "EPANUM 2014"
10 October 2014: REDOC.CTA. PhD from CI²MA realizes School of Spring
25 September 2014: Panorama UdeC. Inaugurate Spring School of Numerical Analysis
30 May 2014: Diario de Concepcion. CI²MA and its PhD program in Mathematical Engineering
22 April 2014: Panorama UdeC. Wastewater Treatment
15 February 2014: Diario de Concepcion. Interview with CI²MA director Gabriel Gatica
6 February 2014: Diario de Concepcion. Undergraduate student to Canada


16 December 2013: El Sur. Postgraduate UdeC
3 December 2013: Tell Magazine. UdeC Doctoral Programs Network
24 November 2013: Diario de Concepcion. Interview with CI²MA Sub-Director, Raimund Bürger
6 November 2013: Tell Magazine. PhD and REDOC.CTA network
12 April 2013: Diario El Sur. Mathematics and Alzheimer's
14 January 2013: Direccion de Postgrado. CI²MA and Performance Agreements


27 December 2012: Diario El Sur. About the Fondecyt projects of the UdeC
9 December 2012: Diario El Sur. Director of CI²MA joins as editor of SINUM
6 December 2012: Diario de Concepcion. Interview with CI²MA director Gabriel Gatica
1 June 2012: Diario El Sur. A hunting against the virus A-H1N1
26 January 2012: Diario El Sur. Math has a good nest in the UdeC