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28 March 2023: CI²MA Director will evaluate multidisciplinary projects from Canada
It is the second time that Prof. Rodolfo Araya is invited to form the international council of experts of the CFI

Dr. Rodolfo Araya Durán, academician of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics and director of the Center for Research in Mathematical Engineering, CI²MA, of the Universidad de Concepción is the only Chilean to integrate the project evaluation committee of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI).  

Like the Agencia Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo of Chile, the CFI was founded in 1997 by the Canadian government to administer financing, with resources from the state, for scientific research projects and technological development and large infrastructure, presented by academic institutions of that North American country, which have a global impact. 

The activities of the committee, on this occasion, will be carried out electronically and the also researcher at the Center for Mathematical Modeling, CMM, of the U. de Chile explains that "this is my second time being a member of an international committee of the IFC, since the first time was in 2020. I think the opportunity for my participation arose when I was part of the Board of Directors of the Millennium Science Initiative, probably on the recommendation of one of the members of the international panel, with whom I corresponded work". 

Regarding his new role, the also alternate director of the Precursor Anillo Project, explains that "I belong to the group that examines the reports of the expert referees in each area, who disciplinary review each proposal, after which, we evaluate its impact, both from a scientific point of view, as well as the impact on the life of Canadian society. In addition, we review whether the proposals are at a globally competitive level, among other aspects”. 

“This is a recognition of my scientific career”, he says, “as well as my service in evaluating large scientific projects, experience obtained both from my time at the Millennium Science Initiative and in other international evaluation committees. According to what I have been told, I am the only Chilean on the committee”. 

“This participation is very interesting”, the academician emphasizes, “because it shows how large projects are evaluated in a developed country, and it shows us that our Chilean evaluation system is very similar to one in the first world, with the obvious differences in the amounts to assign, which in the case of Canadian projects are close to US$ 400 million”. 

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