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5 October 2018: CI²MA and Doctorate strengthen scientific ties with Panama
Sub-Director of CI²MA visits again the Technological University of Panama

The Sub-Director of CI²MA and member of the Graduate Committee of our PhD Program in Applied Sciences with mention in Mathematical Engineering, Raimund Bürger, who had already been in the Technological University of Panama (UTP) for the first time in 2016, visited this university again this week after accepting the second invitation extended to him by Professor Dr. José Laguardia, who works at the UTP's School of Science and Technology and coordinates the Master's Program in Mathematical Engineering of that Panamanian university. During his stay, Bürger gave a dissemination talk about the Doctorate Program of the UdeC, taught the course "Introduction to Mathematical Epidemiology" to the students of the master's degree, offered a talk about his area of research, summarized the topics in which he is currently working, and also promoted between academics and students the next congress WONAPDE 2019.

Regarding this second experience, Professor Burger points out: "The UTP is a very well organized university, and it has been a pleasure to be there again, especially considering that the first UTP graduate student from the Master in Mathematical Engineering, Yolanda Vásquez, joined in 2017 to our program. The good performance by Yolanda is certainly due to the solid training in mathematics that the students of that program receive". In this regard, Bürger emphasizes that in the meantime another student has already expressed interest in applying to our doctoral program to enter in 2019, and he thanks again the great hospitality from his host, Dr. José Laguardia. "The contact relationship with the UTP has evolved very well, and I am happy to notice that the impact of CI²MA in Central America has grown continuously," he concludes.

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