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18 April 2023: Former member of CI²MA UdeC joined a prestigious German institute
Cristian Cárcamo obtained the PhD degree in 2021 at the U. de Concepción and later worked at our Center as a Research Assistant

The Weierstraß-Institut für Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik (WIAS) is an advanced research center based in Berlin, Germany, recently joined in a postdoctoral position by Dr. Cristian Cárcamo Sánchez, who, until last year worked as a Research Assistant at the Center for Research in Mathematical Engineering, CI²MA, of the Universitdad de Concepción (UdeC), after having obtained in September 2021, the highest academic degree in the Doctorate Program in Applied Sciences with a minor in Mathematical Engineering from the same university. 

Also known as the 'Weierstrass Institute', Cárcamo explains, “it is a research institute that is part of the Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. (Berlin Research Network) and is a member of the Leibniz Association, a community of research institutions in different disciplines”. 

“The institute is independent from any university,” the mathematician adds, “so the main focus here is just doing research. However, there is a significant number of members who have Professor positions at one of the three most important public universities in Berlin (Freie, TU, Humboldt). In my case, I am only focused on doing research, but I do not rule out, later teaching a subject at a university in agreement with the WIAS”. 

In this regard, the Director of CI²MA, Dr. Rodolfo Araya Durán, who also directed Cárcamo's doctoral thesis, highlights that "it is very gratifying to see how our former students are advancing in their academic career, obtaining temporary or permanent positions in centers of recognized international prestige. I wish Cristian the best of success in this new phase of his life”. 

At the Weierstrass Institute, Dr. Cárcamo is part of the Numerische Mathematik und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen, which, he details, "is the numerical analysis group with a focus on the mathematical and computational analysis of numerical schemes that will allow solutions to applied problems in Geosciences and Biophysics, among others”. 

Regarding how the possibility of accessing this position was generated, Cárcamo details that, “while I was doing my doctoral internship at the University of Groningen, I met Prof. Volker John. After his talk, we talked for a few minutes, but I had no contact with him until after defending my thesis. When I wrote to him, he was open to me coming to Berlin, which coincided with the fact that in that same period two positions opened up in his research group, one of which was awarded to me”. 

"Here in Berlin", he elaborates, "there is a very respectful view of the work that is carried out in Concepción due to the quality of the scientific publications, at the level of the professors who are part of the group of researchers in numerical analysis, as well as for the quality of the doctors who graduate from there”. 

In this sense, the Director of the UdeC Doctorate Program and Sub Director of CI²MA, Dr. Raimund Bürger, highlighted that “as a citizen of that country I can reconfirm that the WIAS is one of the most prestigious mathematical research centers in Germany. I congratulate Cristian for having succeeded in joining this center and there is no doubt that he will take the chance to improve himself, make new contacts and deepen his academic profile. Of course, we will see what he tells us about the experience of living in the German capital with its numerous cultural, gastronomic, entertainment and other areas. 

Regarding his duties at the Weierstrass Institute, Cárcamo explains that he is currently focused on "developing an extension of my doctoral thesis work, which covers the numerical analysis of fluid mechanics problems on anisotropic meshes as well as the numerical analysis of problems that come from biophysics. At this moment I am working on the analysis of numerical schemes that solve problems in poroelasticity, which in turn come from problems related to Magnetic Resonance Elastography”. 

The project in which Cárcamo works has a duration of three years and can be extended for the same period. “After that”, he affirms, “it corresponds to apply to his own research projects. Another option is to qualify to be a Professor at the University, but at the moment I am only focused on conducting research”. 












Photo 1: Cristian at tha access of WIAS building
Photo 2: In the immediate vicinity of the
Berlin Dom

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