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20 December 2022: Director of CI²MA participated in an international conference held in Buenos Aires
BAIL 2022 was organized by the Department of Mathematics of the UBA

Between Monday, November 28 and Friday, December 2, the meeting called Boundary and Interior Layers Conference, BAIL 2022, was held in the capital of Argentina, with the participation of exhibitors from various areas of the discipline and from different countries. of origin, such as Chile, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Uruguay and the Czech Republic, among others. 

Among them, Dr. Rodolfo Araya Durán, Director of the Center for Research in Mathematical Engineering, CI²MA, and academician of the Department of Mathematical Engineering (DIM) of the University of Concepción, presented the talk 'A stabilized finite element method for the Stokes –Temperature coupled problem'. 

“In general,” the scientist details, “this international event that takes place every two years in different parts of the world and is dedicated to the numerical simulation of phenomena with the presence of boundary layers, that is, areas where the gradients of the solutions present very important changes”. 

Dr. Araya explains that he received “a personal invitation from the president of the international organizing committee, Dr. Gabriel Barrenechea from the University of Strathclyde (Scotland), who worked as a DIM academic some years ago" and adds that "the great scientific level of the event is remarkable, since renowned specialists in the field of numerical analysis at an international level participated.In addition, it was an event in which we all listened to everyone's talks, which allowed rich exchanges of ideas and experiences”. 

Regarding the main results obtained from his participation in BAIL 2022, the UdeC researcher highlights, "in addition to presenting my results to an audience of specialists, one of the greatest achievements is the creation of contact networks that will allow the mobility of CI²MA researchers, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students. Suffice it to mention that a graduate of our doctoral program (in Applied Sciences with a minor in Mathematical Engineering), Cristian Cárcamo, is about to leave for Berlin after having obtained a postdoctoral position guided by one of the attendees at this conference, Dr. Voelker John”. 

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