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The following is the list of projects developed by the indicated researcher of the Center for Research in Mathematical Engineering indicated, ordered by years of execution, since 2009, date of creation of this center. Clicking on the title of a particular project displays a summary of it and the list of resulting publications. In turn, clicking on a particular agency displays the list of all projects funded by it. Likewise, clicking on the name of a researcher lists all the projects in which they have participated. Finally, when clicking on a particular project type leads to a list of all the projects that share that classification.

AgencyNumberDurationResearchers: TitleType
FONDECYT11809132018 Mar
2022 Feb

David MORA [P]: Development and Mathematical Analysis of Virtual Element Methods to Linear and Nonlinear Problems in Continuum Mechanics.

Fundamental Areas
FONDECYT11407912014 Mar
2018 Feb

David MORA [P]: Development and Analysis of Numerical Methods Applied to Models in Fluid and Solid Mechanics.

Fundamental Areas
AFB1700012013 May
2021 May

Gabriel N. GATICA [P], Julio ARACENA, Rodolfo ARAYA, Fernando BETANCOURT, Raimund BÜRGER, Rommel BUSTINZA, Jessika CAMAÑO, Anahi GAJARDO, Luis F. GATICA, David MORA, Ricardo OYARZÚA, Rodolfo RODRÍGUEZ, Mauricio SEPÚLVEDA, Manuel SOLANO, Luis M. VILLADA: Centro de Modelamiento Matemático (CMM), Universidad de Chile.

Fundamental Areas
AICyTACT 11182012 Dec
2015 Dec

Raimund BÜRGER [P], Rodolfo ARAYA, Rommel BUSTINZA, Gabriel N. GATICA, Norbert HEUER, Carlos JEREZ-HANCKES, David MORA, Ricardo OYARZÚA, Rodolfo RODRÍGUEZ, Frank SANHUEZA, Mauricio SEPÚLVEDA: Anillo de Investigación en Análisis Numérico de Ecuaciones Diferenciales Parciales (ANANUM).

Fundamental Areas
FONDECYT111001802010 Oct
2013 Sep

David MORA [P]: Numerical Analysis of Dynamic and Static Problems in Solid Mechanics.

Fundamental Areas

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