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13 December 2012: CI²MA Inner Seminar

Coordinator: Leonardo Figueroa, the objetive of the seminar is to disseminate knowledge within CI²MA, strengthen its internal cohesion, and support the training of students at the center. The target audience and the group of the respective exhibitors are constituted mainly by students and academics belonging to or visiting the CI²MA. The character of this activity is informal and the participation of the audience through questions and comments is particularly welcome. Specifically, the following types of exposures are contemplated:

  • "What I am doing right now" (academics and students): Description of new or even incomplete results of the research work of the exhibitor.
  • Introduction to a technique / theory / application / software (academics and students): The presenter presents a technique, theory, application or software of transversal interest in the center.
  • Description and explanation of a reading (students): Students, preferably in small groups, discuss an article or a book chapter previously assigned by the coordinator.
  • External Exposure Test (Students): Students expose to a family audience before doing so at an outside conference. This is an opportunity to gain confidence, control the use of time, detect inconsistencies and errors and polish the use of the English language.

This list is not exhaustive. The seminar is every one or two Thursdays at 3:30 pm in the CI²MA multipurpose room and lasts between 45 minutes and one hour. This period can be subdivided into two or more parts in case of short exposures.

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Gabriel Cárcamo


The revised Frank-Wolfe and Eaves Theorem

  Date: Thursday, December 13, 2012, at 3:30 p.m.


Previous Exhibitions ►

  • Erwan Hingant: A partially non-linear diffusive heat equation. Friday, 30 November 2012.
  • Hernán MardonesNumerical solution of stochastic differential equations: An overviewThursday, 25 October 2012.
  • Jessika CamañoA posteriori error estimates for the electrostatics problem with a current dipole sourceThursday, 11 October 2012.
  • Luis Miguel Villada: IMEX-Runge-Kutta and spectral WENO schemes for Diffusively Corrected Multi-species Kinematic Flow ModelsThursday, 27 September 2012.
  • Leonardo Figueroa: Orthogonal polynomialsThursday, 6 September 2012.
  • Ricardo Oyarzúa: [Departamento de Matematica, Universidad del Bio-Bio]: An exactly divergence-free finite element method for the generalized Boussinesq equations. Thursday, 16 August 2012.
  • Pablo VenegasSome notions about the GmshThursday, 19 July 2012.
  • Leonardo FigueroaChebfun, a Matlab package for the approximation, manipulation and operation of functions in 1-d. Thursday, 19 July 2012.
  • Manuel Solano: [University of Delaware, USA]: Hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin method for curved domainsThursday, 5 July 2012.
  • Carolina DominguezAn a posteriori error analysis of a fully-mixed finite element method for a two-dimensional fluid-solid interaction problem. Thursday, 20 June 2012.
  • Leonardo Figueroa: Occupying the autofunctions of one operator to study another. Thursday, 7 June 2012.

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