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Pre-Publicación 2024-01

Sergio Caucao, Gabriel N. Gatica, Saulo Medrado, Yuri D. Sobral:

Nonlinear twofold saddle point-based mixed finite element methods for a regularized $mu(I)$-rheology model of granular materials


We propose and analyze new mixed finite element methods for a regularized $mu(I)$-rheology model of granular flows with an equivalent viscosity depending nonlinearly on the pressure and the euclidean norm of the symmetric part of the velocity gradient. To this end, and besides the velocity, the pressure and the aforementioned strain rate, we introduce a modified stress tensor that includes the convective term, and the skew-symmetric vorticity, as auxiliary tensor unknowns, thus yielding a mixed variational formulation within a Banach spaces framework. Then, the pressure is obtained through an iterative postprocess suggested by the incompressibility condition of the fluid, which allows us to express this unknown in terms of the aforementioned stress and the velocity. A fixed-point strategy combined with a solvability result for a class of nonlinear twofold saddle point operator equations in Banach spaces, are employed to show, along with the classical Banach fixed-point theorem, the well-posedness of the continuous and discrete formulations. In particular, PEERS and AFW elements of order $ell ge 0$ for the stress, the velocity, and the skew-symmetric vorticity, and piecewise polynomials of degree $le ell + n$ (resp. $le ell + 1$) for the strain rate with PEERS (resp. with AFW), yield stable Galerkin schemes. Optimal a priori error estimates are derived and associated rates of convergence are established. Finally, numerical results confirming the latter and illustrating the good performance of the methods, are reported.

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