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Pre-Publicación 2023-24

Mauricio Sepúlveda, Nicolás Torres, Luis M. Villada:

Well-posedness and numerical analysis of an elapsed time model with strongly coupled neural networks


The elapsed time equation is an age-structured model that describes dynamics of interconnected spiking neurons through the elapsed time since the last discharge, leading to many interesting questions on the evolution of the system from a mathematical and biological point of view. In this work, we first deal with the case when transmission after a spike is instantaneous and the case when there exists a distributed delay that depends on previous history of the system, which is a more realistic assumption. Then we study the well-posedness and the numerical analysis of the elapsed time models. For existence and uniqueness we improve the previous works by relaxing some hypothesis on the non-linearity, including the strongly excitatory case, while for the numerical analysis we prove that the approximation given by the explicit upwind scheme converges to the solution of the non-linear problem. We also show some numerical simulations to compare the behavior of the system in the case of instantaneous transmission with the case of distributed delay under different parameters, leading to solutions with different asymptotic profiles.

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