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Undergraduate Students

The following is the list of undegraduate thesis-stage students whose theses are currently directed by researchers at the center. Clicking on the name of a
particular student leads to a brief summary with the most relevant information of the respective thesis.

Mathematical Civil Engineering, Universidad de Concepción

1 Burgos, Víctor Ricardo E. Oyarzua, Manuel Solano
2 Carrasco, Sergio Gabriel N. Gatica
3 Carvajal, Rodrigo A. Numerical Simulation of Sedimentation Processes Using Stochastic Differential Equations Raimund Bürger, Carlos Mora
4 González, Alejandra Definition of Dynamic Hotspots of Crime. Julio Aracena
5 Navarrete, Iván Rodolfo Araya, Marcos Moreno Switt
6 Romero, Lucas Inclined Sedimentation with Natural Convection Fernando Betancourt, Raimund Bürger