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Pre-Publicación 2011-19

Ana Alonso-Rodriguez, Jessika Camaño, Alberto Valli:

Inverse source problems for eddy current equations


We study the inverse source problem for the eddy current approximation of Maxwell equations. As for the full system of Maxwell equations, we show that a volume current source cannot be uniquely identified by the knowledge of the tangential components of the electromagnetic fields on the boundary, and we characterize the space of non-radiating sources. On the other hand, we prove that the inverse source problem has a unique solution if the source is supported on the boundary of a subdomain or if it is the sum of a finite number of dipoles. We address the applicability of this result for the localization of brain activity from electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography measurements.

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Ana ALONSO-RODRIGUEZ, Jessika CAMAñO, Alberto VALLI: Inverse source problems for eddy current equations. Inverse Problems, vol. 28, 1, 015001 (24pp), (2012).