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Pre-Publicación 2019-46

Raimund Bürger, Stefan Diehl, María Carmen Martí, Yolanda Vásquez:

On dynamic models of flotation with sedimentation


Flotation is a separation process where particles or droplets are removed from a suspension with the aid of floating gas bubbles. One application is dissolved air flotation in industrial wastewater treatment. One-dimensional models of flotation have been confined to steady-state situations for half a century by means of the drift-flux theory. A new dynamic model with partial differential equations is used which also includes the simultaneous settling of particles that are not attached to bubbles. Optimal steady-state operating conditions can be chosen by means of operating charts. Responses to control actions are exemplified by simulations with a new numerical method.

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Raimund BüRGER, Stefan DIEHL, María Carmen MARTí, Yolanda VáSQUEZ: Simulation and control of dissolved air flotation and column froth flotation with simultaneous sedimentation. Water Science and Technology, vol. 81, 8, pp. 1723-1732, (2020).