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Pre-Publicación 2009-16

Gabriel N. Gatica, George C. Hsiao, Francisco J. Sayas:

Relaxing the hypotheses of the Bielak-MacCamy BEM-FEM coupling


In this paper we show that the quasi-symmetric coupling of Finite and Boundary Elements of Bielak and MacCamy can be freed of two very restricting hypotheses that appeared in the original paper: the coupling boundary can be taken polygonal/polyhedral and coupling can be done using the normal stress instead of the pseudostress. We will do this by first considering a model problem associated to the Yukawa equation, where we prove how compactness arguments can be avoided to show stability of Galerkin discretizations of a coupled system in the style of Bielak-MacCamy. We also show how discretization properties are robust in the continuation parameter that appears in the formulation. This analysis is carried out using a new and very simplifed proof of the ellipticity of the Johnson-Nedelec BEM-FEM coupling operator. Finally, we show how to apply the techniques that we have fully developed in the model problem to the linear elasticity system.

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Gabriel N. GATICA, George C. HSIAO, Francisco J. SAYAS: Relaxing the hypotheses of the Bielak-MacCamy BEM-FEM coupling. Numerische Mathematik, vol. 120, 3, pp. 465-487, (2012).