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Pre-Publicación 2017-13

Veronica Anaya, David Mora, Carlos Reales, Ricardo Ruiz-Baier:

A vorticity-pressure finite element formulation for the Brinkman-Darcy coupled problem


We introduce a new variational formulation for the Brinkman-Darcy equations formulated in terms of the scaled Brinkman vorticity and the global pressure. The velocities in each subdomain are fully decoupled through the momentum equations, and can be later recovered from the principal unknowns. A new finite element method is also proposed, consisting in equal-order N\'ed\'elec and piecewise continuous elements, for vorticity and pressure, respectively. The error analysis for the scheme is carried out in the natural norms, with bounds independent of the fluid viscosity. An adequate modification of the formulation and analysis permits us to specify the presentation to the case of axisymmetric configurations. We provide a set of numerical examples illustrating the robustness, accuracy, and efficiency of the proposed discretisation.

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