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Pre-Publicación 2016-28

Luci Fatori, Tais De Olivera Saito, Mauricio Sepúlveda, Eiji Renan Takahashi:

Energy decay to Timoshenko system with indefinite damping


We consider the classical Timoshenko system for vibrations of thin rods. The system has an inde nite damping mechanism, i.e. it has a damping function a = a(x) possibly changing sign, present only in the equation for the vertical displacement. We shall prove that exponential stability depends on conditions regarding of the inde nite damping function a and a nice relationship between the coecient of the system. Finally, we give some numerical result to verify our analytical results.

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Luci FATORI, Tais De Olivera SAITO, Mauricio SEPúLVEDA, Eiji Renan TAKAHASHI: Energy decay to Timoshenko system with indefinite damping. Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, vol. 43, 1, pp. 225-241, (2020).