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Pre-Publicación 2013-23

Tomás Barrios, Rommel Bustinza, Víctor Domínguez:

On the discontinuous Galerkin method for solving boundary problems for the Helmholtz equation: A priori and a posteriori error analyses


We apply the local discontinuous Galerkin (LDG for short) method to solve a mixed boundary value problems for the Helmholtz equation in a bounded polygonal domain in 2D. Under some assumptions on regularity of the solution of an adjoint problem, we prove that: (a) the corresponding indefinite discrete scheme is well posed; (b) there is convergence with the expected convergence rates as long as the meshsize is small enough. We give precise information on how small the meshsize has to be in terms of the size of the wavenumber and its distance to the set of eigenvalues for the same boundary value problem for the Laplacian. We also present an a posteriori error estimator showing both the reliability and efficiency of the estimator complemented with detailed information on the dependence of the constants on the wavenumber. We finish presenting extensive numerical experiments which illustrate the theoretical results proven in this paper and suggest that stability and convergence may occur under less restrictive assumptions than those taken in the present work.

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Tomás BARRIOS, Rommel BUSTINZA, Víctor DOMíNGUEZ: Adaptive numerical solution of a discontinuous Galerkin method for a Helmholtz problem in low-frequency regime. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, vol. 300, pp. 312-340, (2016).